torque premium in-ear-headphones.

introducing the torque z series t103z- a revolutionary leap in acoustic customization, driven by our patent pending Passive Acoustic Valve Technology™ (PAVT). what’s the biggest issue with most of today’s high performance headphones? everyone has different taste in music… and in what a headphone should sound like. no matter the genre or the recording methods used, music played on the t103z can be tailored to your tastes. it’s as simple as swapping in a TorqueValve™ to maximize your personal music experience. sport cars are fine tuned to perform. why not your headphones?
We music lovers deserve to have stuff like this. -Sound & Vision Magazine
check out this video to see how the valves work.

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torque z series t103z noise isolating in-ear-headphone with PAVT – Price: $179.95

  • high velocity, full bandwidth dynamic driver
  • weight-balanced metal housing
  • includes 3 color-coded TorqueValves™
    • reference valve
    • deep valve
    • clear valve
  • lightweight, protective travel case
  • rugged strain relief to withstand daily use
  • TorqueValet™ with built-in wrench
  • TorqueRemote™ to control your music
  • microphone for phone and voice commands
  • 4 sizes of ergonomic silicone ear tips for maximum comfort


(included with t103z)
easy to install. just swap out the various TorqueValves™ to your preference. color coded icons and valves makes it a snap.  
    • reference valve. cruise control. for the most true-to-life sound reproduction.
    • clear valve. shift to high gear. sparkling crisp highs.
    • deep valve. pedal to the metal. high octane, full throttle bass.

Check out the TorqueValve video here.